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Hi Jeff,
Your workshop last Thursday in San Diego was real cool!
SW, Downey, CA
I enjoyed yesterday’s workshop. Gained a lot of insight and picked up some invaluable tips.
J.D. – Port Orange, FL
This class was very information. I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in doing Video Shopping.
KD, Vero Beach, FL
Yesterday, I attended the Video Shopping Pros first seminar in Orlando. There was a good sized group of people with a mix of absolute newbies (never done written or video shops), to people that had varying levels of video shopping experience. I thought the seminar contained pretty comprehensive information for anyone considering getting into video, and it was well worth the money and effort to attend. For myself (I have completed about 150 video shops), it covered a lot of information that I had already learned by trial and error or reading. But I got some very useful information about things I was doing incorrectly that will improve my future work and help avoid some potential failures in the future.

Looking back, I really wish they had been around when I got started, some of their advice would have saved me some stupid mistakes that cost me money to learn on my own.

I would recommend the seminar to both experienced and novice video shoppers.

Jeff has tons of experience and seems committed to helping people get started in video. He also has promised to be a valuable ongoing resource for all of their graduates.

Thanks Jeff!

Sarah – Florida
Jeff brings a dose of realism with a lot of class to the mystery shopping industry. I can see that you are on the cutting edge of what is sure to be an expanding wave of mystery shopping. The years of experience are immediately evident along with your charm and wit. I cannot thank you enough for opening the door and making the path easier to this next level of mystery shopping.
SN, New York
I wanted to take time to thank-you for the training provided several months ago,. I wanted to acknowledge my appreciation for the time invested, and that you continue to invest. This can be a lonely path to blaze but I take solace in knowing I have a tag team partner that is just an e-mail when I need it
C.H. – Independence, MO
First, I want to thank you very much for the workshop. It was invaluable to me. I did my first seven shops with a borrowed camera. I completed six of them correctly, based on what Jeff taught, and what I studied from the notes the company gave me. After NYC, though, I think I can handle it all!

Thanks for a wonderful training session. The discounts on equipment, information on getting shirts customized and the referrals to schedulers have been way more than worth the cost of the training. The networking with other shoppers has also been beneficial as several of us are now regular correspondents.

Since the training session I have done 6 video shops and had two more that had to be scrapped due to problems reaching the targets. This is equal to all the video shops I had ever done prior to the training. I am now on the shop boards of several more companies that do video shopping and we are working on putting together a few more routes to do more shops, sooner, rather than later.

I really appreciate what you taught us. It was not so much the “How to use the equipment’ but the little ins and outs that I would not have thought about (mirrors blowing me for whole projects) that made this a great training. Thanks again for a great training session!

It was clear much thought and preparation went into the class. I feel much better about jumping into the video field.
DR, New York
You guys are awesome and the class was even better.
Thanks for doing it.
Just took the San Diego training and getting job offers before my video equipment arrives this week. Looking forward to the new income$$$$$$$
T.M – Corrales, NM
I made it back to Tennessee, and wanted to drop a note thanking you for the class. It was hyper-informative and quite enjoyable. I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedules to teach it. Again, thank you.”
J.P. – Tennessee
This training is extensive, thorough and informative in regards to this field. From covert operations, new Identity, equipment training, and the overall review of requirements with the complex scenarios in video shopping, this has provided me an advantage, as well as higher paying opportunities. I appreciate you for taking the one on one time, and more importantly, the after support, providing exclusive contacts and vital knowledge through your experiences to help me succeed. And for those like myself that take this seriously, in primary or extra income, I recommend this training course. And NO! I wasn’t paid to say this. I just wanted to share my personal experience and appreciation.

Thanks again VSP!

T.C. Portland, OR

I had been trained by one shopping company and completed several successful shops for them only prior to taking VSPs Video Shopping Training Class.

Their class filled in most of the blanks in my mind.

It introduced me to a whole host of additional Shopping Companies, numerous related companies, the best equipment and how to acquire it and the benefit of years of experience from shoppers with far more experience than me. Since their class, I now receive 2 – 10 shopping opportunities every day. It really kick started my shopping career!

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